Behind the Design

take a moment to familiarize yourself with the types of woods that nicco utilizes when designing your furniture.





Easily sustainable and naturally renewable, rubber has the smallest ecological footprint, and is known as "the environmentally friendly wood." all of our rubber wood is procured from various rubber plantations across Myanmar's mon state. rubber is also cheaper in price than the other wood. Because rubber has a lower density than other woods, it is not recommended to use if you plan to place very heavy items on the finished furniture piece. 






with a high density and natural resistance to insects and fungus, oak has long been appreciated as a wood of choice. from viking warships to Japanese drums, and widely used in classic European and North American furniture designs, oak provides stability and and strength. the second largest concentration of oak is found in China, and this is where we acquire our wood from. 





brownish-red and color and darkening over time, this is the national treasure. It is so tied to this country that it sometimes goes by the name of "Burmese Teak," and nearly half of all remaining teak forests are still in myanmar today. teak is by far the most durable wood around-- in other words, this is a product that will last you for life (and even then some!) 




another eco-friendly option, as bamboo forests are the fastest-growing in the world, this is also the only of our woods that can be eaten! but aside from scrumptious burmese curries, bamboo is not only ideal in its grace and flexibility, but also in its high strength-to-weight ratio. the demand for bamboo products is an all-time high in the west now, but it has been used to fashion furniture pieces across Southeast asia for over 1,000 years. our fusion-inspired bamboo products will bring elegance and simplicity to your home.