About Us


A Love for Design...

Our company came from simple beginnings. dissatisfied with the furniture options available in myanmar, where you have to pay a lot without getting much back in return, we bought raw wood ourselves and fashioned our own in-house designs in our yangon condo. then, working with local carpenters we knew from many years back, we began training them in international, modern designs. This included minimalist, fusion-style furniture, employing a natural finish and only using solid wood-- no wood pulp or plywood. For over a year, our name and reputation grew word-of-mouth, with recommendations of friends and friends-of-friends now visiting our shop, as we continued to monitor quality and increase our design portfolio. 

our store is home-grown affair. we use only local woods and local carpenters, with our team more like a big family, being composed of neighbors, long-time friends, and relatives. We believe in fair trade and look after our workers, as they look after the quality of our finished furniture pieces with a growing sense of pride. 

At nicco myanmar, we believe that it shouldn't cost a lot of money to be comfortable, and to be surrounded by simple yet elegant yet practical furniture can transform a living space into a home. interior design is our passion, and we strive to bring in a new conceptual thinking into your environment, allowing you to enjoy functional yet stylish, and delicate yet sturdy, furniture pieces and more.

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