What to do in Than Lyin?

We find that many customers admit that when they come to our showroom, this was their first occasion to ever step foot in Than Lyin. Well, if you’ve made it all the way across the river, why not make a day of it and see the rich sites that this area has to offer? We’ve compiled a list of some great ways to spend your day here, so that once you get the furniture shopping out of the way, you can be a proper tourist with your time.

  • Your closest option— just a few steps away— is the Mya Myint Moe Hotel. Its unusual garden area, complete with princess homes and Lord of the Rings hovels, seems better suited in an amusement park than a rural Yangon town. With a restaurant, tiki-bar, outdoor garden, and pool, it is also a great family spot.

  • Not much further are the old ruins of the 18th century Portuguese church, located literally across the street from us and reachable either by car or on foot.

  • If you have kids in tow, or just want a break for yourselves, head about a mile out to the Star City compound, where you will find all the conveniences of modern living. Take your pick among a choice of cuisines, and also check out the pool, gym, supermarket, spa, and many other attractions.

  • If you’ve ever wanted to explore meditation, two key sites are the meditation center branches of Pa Auk and Panditarama. Both accept foreigners if you’d like to later enroll in a course there. A brief visit can help you become more acquainted with the grounds and discuss the practice with teachers.

  • One of the newest sites to the region, and perhaps the most unusual sites to visit in the country, is Thabarwa Nature Monastery. This has become a must-stop destination for volunteers, expats, and meditators, and the work they are doing puts in on the forefront of modern Buddhist practice intersecting with such diverse fields as mental health, sanitation, food preparation, and much more. Daily tours run at 5 p.m., and they are always happy to accept donations or service as well.

  • Kyaik Khauk Pagoda is the premier pagoda of the area, and a must-see for any Buddhist traveler. Built as a replica of the far more famous Shwedagon Pagoda, it offers sweeping views of the verdant Than Lyin region.

  • If you get to Kyaik Khauk, make sure to check out the Nat Shin Naung gravesite, a prince and poet who was briefly governor of Taungoo.

  • No visit to the Than Lyin region is complete without stopping by Yele Pagoda, which sits in the middle of the river and is reached only by paddleboat. It is a fun, beautiful, and photogenic place to visit, and also the furthest place to reach on the list, so make sure to leave plenty of time. And make sure to take along plenty of food for the catfishes and turtles!

  • Shin Mwe Non Pagoda is a pagoda with a backstory similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and is a common destination of those in the crosshairs of love.

  • One little known place but well worth a visit is the very large, century old Sitting Buddha image at Bada-Gyi village.

  • If you happen to visiting our showroom anytime during the third week of January, the local Hindu community hosts their annual Thaipusam ceremony. This is a practice of penitence in which the devout repent bad deeds by impaling themselves with hooks and nails and walking over hot coals.

  • The National Races Village is not actually in Than Lyin proper, but the last place on the Yangon side. The large and spacious grounds provide a wonderful place to walk around and the picturesque gardens make for a pleasant stroll. In addition to this, there are some interesting examples of rural homes built in the respective style of Myanmar’s ethnic regions, along with miniature versions of the well-known sites.


How far is Than Lyin anyway? To answer this, we go to a Question and Answer from our FAQ page:

Q: I see that you are located outside Yangon proper. Is it very far to reach you?

A: Sometimes when people hear “Than Lyin”, they think “Mandalay”! But we are really not very far. There is just one bridge connecting Yangon to Than Lyin, and as soon as you cross that bridge, you’ll get to our shop. If you are really wishing to avoid traffic as much as possible, weekends are typically more open on the roads, and Sunday you will face the least traffic. Do keep in mind that you can also simply order online, talk to us on phone or chat, and await delivery at your home should you prefer this option.

Joah McGee