Thanks for the Mentions!

We are always pleased when customers report back their findings about shopping with us. Here are some samples of blog posts from customers writing in their own language about their shopping experience with us. And if you would like to share your story with us, please do!

First, we found our name referred to in an ISY (International School of Yangon) blog: “In Myanmar people tend to sleep on a fitted sheet but under a furry/scratchy blanket.  When we arrived this was part of our welcome pack.  On one of your first days you all get taken to a mall and everyone in our group went round trying to find something to sleep under among other things.  Myanmar Plaza has a few furniture shops where you can buy bedding but they are not really into duvets.  We found something vaguely equating to a duvet which served it’s purpose for a month or so before we caved in and ordered a duvet from Nicco Myanmar (you can pay with paypal).  It wasn’t cheap and took a couple of weeks to arrive but is exactly what we wanted.  On our last day in London before flying to Bangkok we threw away our duvet but could have fitted it in had we known.  I guess the advice we have is either buy a thin duvet before you come and bring it with you, put one in your shipment or buy a good one from Nicco the second you arrive.  Also, you might want to bring some decent towels you like.”

We reached out to the authors of the blog, Gavin Ailes (Communications Coordinator) and Lindsey Schubert (Librarian), and offered to present a special discount period for all international teachers to help them settle in. So from now through September 8th, if you are a teacher, ask about the special sale price that you can apply for!

We were happy to receive reviews from two recent Japanese customers. Using Google Translate, one client wrote: “Is most of the fashionable furniture in Myanmar purchased here? That's all about NICCO furniture. When I looked at "It's a fashionable furniture here, where is it?" NICCO, this too NICCO (too much). In particular, the impression that Westerners use is strong, and it is often seen in Yangon Connection. Myanmar furniture craftsmen who have studied international design are passionate about making furniture. Many of NICCO's furniture is minimal and sophisticated, and the wood used is carefully selected in Myanmar. It is recommended that you order from Facebook because the shop has a lot of physical strength and time. An online catalog is available.”

(Original here: ミャンマーにあるオシャレ家具はほとんどここで購入されているのでは?というぐらい、いたるところで見かけるのが NICCOの家具。「ここの家具お洒落だなぁ、どこのかな?」と調べてみるとあれもNICCO、これもNICCO(言い過ぎ)特に欧米人が使っている印象が強く、Yangon Connectionに出回っているのも度々見かけます。インターナショナルデザインを学んできたミャンマーの木工職人が情熱をかけて作っている家具はどれも素敵なものばかり。 NICCOの家具はミニマルで洗練されたものが多く、使用されている木材もミャンマーで厳選されたものを使用しています。お店が遠くて行くのに体力も時間もいる為Facebookからのオーダーがオススメです。オンラインカタログ充実しています)

Another Japanese customer wrote, “There are two manufacturers that make the most stylish furniture in Myanmar, nicco and Yangon Green Funiture . When I started living in Myanmar six years ago, I had a hard time because there were few nifty furniture stores. Anyway, all the furniture that was big, heavy, and hard to use, was all functional, space-saving, and refined in design. Compared to that time, the number of foreigners living in Myanmar has increased considerably, and there are also manufacturers in Yangon that make furniture with functionality and design that matches the sensitivity and taste of foreigners. . The two manufacturers listed at the beginning are representatives.”

(Original: いまミャンマーで一番お洒落な家具を作っているのは、niccoYangon Green Funitureの二つのメーカーです。6年前にミャンマーに住み始めた頃に苦労したのが、気の利いた家具店がほとんどなかったことです。とにかく、デカくて、重くて、使いにくいの三拍子が揃った家具ばかりで、機能的で、場所を取らず、さらにデザインが洗練された家具となると皆無に近かったです。その頃に比べれれば、ミャンマーに住む外国人の数もずいぶん増えたこともあり、ヤンゴンにも外国人の感性や嗜好に合う、機能性とデザイン性を備えた家具を作るメーカーも現れてきています。冒頭にあげた、二つのメーカーはその代表です。

And finally, Nicco celebrated our first customer in Vietnam! A close family friend has set up shop as an international teacher, and we were very pleased to help their family establish a new home, complete with Nicco products!

Is most of the fashionable furniture in Myanmar purchased here? That’s all about NICCO furniture.

Joah McGeeNicco